My card-making process

Hello dear ones!

Well I’ve decided I’m going to set myself the goal of  posting about once a week (a lot of verbs in that sentence aren’t there?)   I think that’s a nice achievable target.   Don’t want to set myself up to fail now!  It’s finding a balance between doable but not losing the momentum and not challenging myself enough with a flimsy goal.   So…at the moment I’m slowly building my website/blog.  I want to make it as creative and beautiful as I can!   As you can see it’s a work in process, but one I’m enjoying doing – fitting it in around being a full time stay-at-home (although I don’t actually stay at home that much he he) mama and doing creative stuff as much as I possibly can.

I’ve been making up an order of greetings cards for a new ludoteka (Children’s play area) that’s just opened up here in Barcelona, La Marelle.  I get the images printed professionally but not the actual cards themselves, so it’s actually quite a lenghthy process.  Here goes!:

First I fold the pre-scored blank cards, then hand stamp the back of the card with a rubber stamp that says ‘ handmade’, usually in pink ink.  Then I rubber stamp another image, a heart, a butterfly or a fan, also on the back of the card, and on the flap of the envelope.  By this time most available flat surfaces of our apartment have been taken up, so I tend to do it at night, away from little curious and sticky fingers.)  I wait for the ink to dry, quite impatiently, during which time I stamp the labels which go on the back of the clear bag that the card is packaged in.  They’re stamped with a little pink heart, then I write my website address in really tiny letters around the heart.  Now the stamped ink should be dry on the cards so  I hand write in my best handwriting my website and Etsy shop address in small letters at the bottom of the back of the card.  Phew!  THEN I apply spray mount to the previously cut out card images (which have been printed at the local copy shop – 2 to 4 images on a normal sheet of A4 paper) and stick them to the front of the card.  Finally I put the cards in their cello bags and stick on the label with my address.  Then I feel pretty pleased with myself!

Probably would be a lot easier to get the whole thing professionally printed n’est-ce pas?  But haven’t found out where I can yet, and this way works for the moment.


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