My Creative ‘Studio’

Hello my darlings

I thought you might like to see where I have my creative space.  I used to have a whole room to myself  in our cosy apartment, but then Mr Jamie-san came along and I had to bequeath it, such is life.  So now I have a corner of our bedroom, well, a wall really, which we screen off at bedtime in an attempt to separate work (work!  I love that I can call what was once just a hobby work!) and sleep.

So that’s my desk and bookshelves and wall of inspiration where I keep my card designs hung up,  and all my postcards and pictures and bits and bobs.  Mostly women, flowers, bright colours and French things.  It’s nice to see themes in things you’re naturally drawn towards.

Some favourite creativity books, SARK, Julia Cameron and Keri Smith.  So inspiring!  Some people can let go of books and send them out into the world.  I don’t think I’m one of those people, I love having them around too much.

Gel pens and markers for doodling and outlining and art journalling.

Glitter glues and embellishment type things.

Rubber stamps and inks.  I try to get most of my supplies in England whenever I’m there as it’s a lot cheaper.

Some flowers cut out from magazines and catalogues that I use in my collages and card originals.

What’s your creative space like?


3 thoughts on “My Creative ‘Studio’

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I found your blog through the Goddess Circle Creative Business sub thread.

    Love your studio – all those stamps and journal pens and books. I wanna come play! Love your inspiration boards too. So full of colour and images – delicious. I still have lots of space on mine – I need to add more stuff.

  2. Oh Jenny I love your space & creativity wall , it looks stunning, I also found you through GC . I love that you draw your curtain at night and reveal the magic again in the morning – so cool .

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