Stationery Love

I absolutely love stationery, especially notebooks!  It’s probably lucky we don’t have a Paperchase here in Barcelona as I would be broke and have even less room on my bookshelves from all the various notebooks, scrapbooks. blank books etc I’d be buying at maybe a rate of 10 a week.

I use them for diaries, art journals, gratitude journals, writing to-do lists, daily notebooks, keeping note of the books I’ve read, recording new Spanish vocab, writing down my dreams to analyse, writing down different quotations and lyrics or whatever inspiring words have jumped out at me from wherever, and as scrapbooks with inspiring images cut from magazines, that I look back on when I remember to.

My favourites are from this really small old shop in the barrio gotico in Barcelona called Papirum.  They are handmade and beautiful.

So handmade and beautiful and pristine I have to remind myself it’s okay to deface them by actually using them and writing in them!

Aaaahhhh….it’s the little things in life eh?!  Happy sigh….  Anyone else equally obsessed?


4 thoughts on “Stationery Love

  1. Absolutely, totally share your love of notebook and stationery! Will have to make a visit to Papirum! Have to buy some of your Christmas cards soon!

  2. Yes! I am obsessed w notebooks too! It’s sort of subsided over the years as I try to only buy what I need now but ahhhhh nothing makes me drool like pretty notebooks & PENS! Writing utensils are magical! When I have a new pen and fresh notebook I feel like I could write anything. :))

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