The view from my window

Hello cherubs

I think it’s really important to be in as much natural light as you can throughout the day, and even better if you have a nice view.  I’m personally really affected if I don’t see the sky for long periods of time, and I remember one of the most miserable times of my life was when I lived in the pokiest little interior room which had no natural light whatsoever.  The window overlooked the apartment building’s stairwell.  My plants shrivelled and died, and I felt like I was doing the same.

It’s all the more important when you live in a city because you’re already that bit more removed from nature.  I love being able to see the clouds and the moon from our bedroom window, and even though the neighbours across the street from us are literally only 2 metres away I feel lucky because their building is really quite pretty.


This was taken on not such a busy day.  Usually the street is teeming with people pretty much 24 hours a day, which can be fun…but I think I’m kind of out-growing it and starting to crave somwhere quieter and more tranquil.  I would love to see some kind of greenery!


My desk is right next to our bedroom window, so when I’m not looking after Mr Jamie I can do my art and pause and look out the window, and while it’s not trees and mountains and lakes I can pause and like what I see.

What’s the view from your window like?


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