Today’s going to be good!


I made this collage the other day when I woke up in a bit of a negative mood.


I decided to take charge of myself and show my mind who’s boss by doing  a little auto-suggestion in the form of a collage.  It felt a bit false at first, as I certainly didn’t feel like the day was going to be good, but as I got caught up in deciding which tiny scrap of paper to glue down next to which tiny scrap of paper (it was during Jamie’s nap) I forgot about being in a bad mood and I could feel the atmosphere changing around me as I did something active to make myself feel better.


It’s really easy to start the day off badly and have everything go downhill from there – you stub your toe, run out of milk, leave the house late, miss the bus, hate everybody you meet etc etc.  I’ve been reading The Secret lately, and while I don’t agree with everything in the book, a lot of what it says makes a lot of sense.


Essentially:  Our thoughts control how we experience our reality, and like attracts like.  If you send out positive thoughts into the world, positive events will come back to you.


We have the power to change our thoughts, therefore WE are in control (at least to a certain extent) of our reality.  We’re certainly in control of our reaction to events that happen to us.  


We can choose to let events spiral out of control on a bad day or we can choose to stop the spiral, breathe, and change the chip.


Some days it’s going to be easier than others, of course, but if I can remember this knowledge just sometimes, well that’s got to be a good thing.


My day turned out wonderfully.  People smiled at me on the street, Jamie got given a little bread roll in the bakery, I had a letter from the tax office that wasn’t a demand for payment (come on, you take what you can get!!), and Joe came home with some lilies for me!!


So I’ve put the collage on my bedroom wall where I can see it every day and remind myself of my own power (wa ha ha!).  I was also then inspired to make this one a few days later.  Both originals and cards available soon in my Etsy shop.  Spreading the love!



15 thoughts on “Today’s going to be good!

  1. I love your collages… Oh the good and the bad days! I know those too well.. Understanding how to ride the waves is the best thing! Have a great one!

  2. What a beautiful uplifting post, when we recognize our power , we totally step into it , so blessed in so many ways. Beautiful Collage Tomorrow’s gonna be a cracker of a day The Whole world will smile with us. 🙂

  3. Really like your collages! This is very weird. I am very interested in LOA and I’ve been working on a collage project too. I will try to upload to Light of Love soon. Who are you Jenny Morbey? I think we are going to be good friends! :)))

  4. Auto-suggestion through collage. What a nice way to look at it. Many of my art processes feel meditative, and now that I’m doing more collage, it works the same way too. Love these collages!

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