PicMonkey love!

Oh my goodness I’ve just discovered the wonder that is PicMonkey!  

Thank you PicMonkey for being free and so user-friendly!  Photoshop was next on my things to learn but will it be necessary now I ask myself?!!  I want to (I nearly said write a letter, get me and my old-school ways!) write them an email to say thanks for providing such a service.  I did however say the same about Weebly, when I was building my website, though, and it just never happened.  The email I mean, not the website.  The good intention was there but that doesn’t really count does it?

I think the trick is, for me at least, to do the thing at the same as the intention is set, or at least really soon after.  Otherwise it becomes a chore, and just another item on a long list of have to’s.  Right, so I’ll be off now to practise what I preach before the momentum is lost.  So I used PicMonkey on this collage and now it pretty much looks the same as the original.  Hooray!


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