Is it a rabbit or hare? Right answer wins the card!

Finished my fifth and final Christmas card yesterday, hooray!

Thanks to getting a babysitter for Jamie for a couple of hours, which I think I’m going to make a regular thing on Fridays.  A treat for me which also sends the message to myself that my work is worth dedicating time to, and can be taken seriously.  I still call it ‘work’ tongue-in-cheek, which shouldn’t be the case, just because it’s fun and I love doing it, doesn’t mean I can’t make a living from creating pretty stuff and selling it now does it!  No sirree!  (ahem)  I wonder why it’s ‘yes’ m’am and ‘no’ sir….by the way?!  Who decided which answer for which gender?  This artic hare card to the first person who gives me the right answer.

Anyway hope you like the artic hare/rabbit card.  You’ll be able to buy packs of 5 Christmas cards now at a bargainous discount, available shortly in the old Etsy shop.  Have a great Saturday!


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