Marvellous Mondays! Yes I know it’s Thursday…

Hello my butterbeans

One of my resolutions is to do a gratitude list every Monday.  Starting today, Thursday, because I feel like it and it’s Thanksgiving.  I go through phases of writing things I’m grateful for, usually just in my journal, but then I get out the habit for a few months, or just forget to do it.  So in keeping with the recent spirit of auto-suggestion, I’m calling them Marvellous Mondays from now on. And as the wondrous Gala Darling rightly puts it, regularly writing lists of things you love

‘gets me to focus on the positive, & not just in some abstract way: it forces me to really sit down, assess my life, & shine a light on the best parts of it.  Secondly, it serves as a kind of “happy diary.” ‘

So today I am grateful for:

  • My Spanish classes with Edu, lovely teacher, great with Jamie, relaxed and interesting conversation, and cheap!
  • – good resource for Spanish learners.  Interesting podcasts about topical issues, and free!!
  • Lilies on our dining room table.  So pretty and such a heady smell.  One stem is all you need to make all the difference.  And they last for ages!  Another habit I want to try and adopt-buying fresh flowers once a week.
  • Essential oils. Right now lavender and orange burning in the oil burner.
  • Clementines and their smell, makes me think of Christmas right around the corner.  Yikes!
  • Getting excited about a friend’s Christmas wedding, even more excitingly in the same place where we got married.  So thrilled to be going back to such a lovely venue (as well as seeing 2 friends get married, of course)
  • Series 3 of the Killing.  OMG what an obsession I have for Sarah Lund! There’s just something about that woman!
  • My dear friend Zoe having a baby.   We can be mothers together!
  • Yoga and feeling strong in my body.
  • Yummy winter pumpkin and squash soup cooked by the always-wonderful Joe.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!


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