Marvellous Monday!

Hello Gala Darling
Hello Gala Darling (Photo credit: yodaflicker)
A gathering of Carol Singers in front of the C...
A gathering of Carol Singers in front of the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, London England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Monday to you dahlings!  Not traditionally the happiest day of the week but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be, it’s all in the mind! Anyway it’s December now, the advent calendar excitement is with us (Joe I’m talking to you, mostly), the festive season is upon us, hoooooray!!!!  I LOVE Christmas, I just do, and I love that I love it!  I know it’s not cool to be so excited but hells bells yippee yippee yoooooo!

Some marvellous things from the week which have made me happy:  ♥ The crisp cold sunny weather ♥ the Christmas lights everywhere ♥ Clare’s birthday night out, amazing restaurant just near us (again) Las Hermanas Fernandez, great food, service (not so easy to find in Barcelona) and atmosphere, will definitely be going back there ♥ Mojitos in Marmelade ♥ connecting with different women and meeting some great people for the first time, always inspiring ♥ new cafe Satan’s Corner with AMAZING coffee ♥ these little hearts right now are making me pretty happy ♥ discovering new handmade loveliness on Etsy ♥ anticipating Christmas in the UK and New Years with our dear friends in a little cottage near Bath- please please let it snow! ♥ planning mince pie and mulled wine party at ours ♥ our lovely toasty flat ♥ Jamie sleeping better and better, well his naps at least, but it’s a start! ♥ The Peep show new season oh my goodness cringeably addictive ♥ Great Indian takeaway food at the weekend ♥ Nearly finishing a poster I’m planning to give away as a download ♥ red wine and The Killing ♥ buying Gala Darling‘s ebook and taking my time savouring every wise word ♥ REALLY enjoying my novel Popco by Scarlett Thomas, read The Independent’s review here ♥ our colourful polka dot bedspread from Habitat ♥ being creative and making Clare’s birthday present- a tag with her name and its meaning, and it turning out so nicely.  I think I might make some more…



What little things have made you smile this week?  I’d love to know.  I think it’s so inspiring hearing about what inspires other people, and prompts me to think of more.  A little spiral of positivity!


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