Marvellous Monday/Things I love Tuesday



Hello Pixies

Jamie decided to wake up a few times in the evening yesterday when normally I would have been Marvellous Mondaying, excuses excuses, so anyway here we are only a day late.  I’m seeing it as good practise to work on my perfectionism….what matters is I make the list of good and happy things, reflect on it and feel good about stuff, not the precise day of when it actually gets done.  It’s all about discipline and turning things into habits, just like writing this blog.  If I let my perfectionism win then I wouldn’t write or post anything or put any pictures up because they wouldn’t be good enough;  the point is just to get on with it and improve over time, work on things that aren’t so good, and keep on keeping the discipline.  And this is such a nice habit to instill, the commitment to positivity!

So without further ado….!

Little happy things from the week, aka Marvellous Monday:

♥ Getting our Christmas tree and decorating it.  We’re still missing the cinnamon sticks, but I love how the heart decorations look, and I love the fact we have toucans nestling in the branches.

♥ Mini trip with Joe and Jamie to Montblanc, in Catalunya not the Alps.  A beautiful medieval village with gorgeous hills and forests around it.  Freezing cold but made me feel more Christmassy!  We found a busy jolly cafe bar to eat and Jamie stayed up til 11, making friends and haring up and down the restaurant with his fast-speed crawling.  I love the child-friendliness of Spain!

♥ Discovering a womens’ bookshop in the Born.  Can’t wait to check it out and probably spend too much money!  Books don’t count as spending money though because they’re completely worthy of it.

♥ Surprise packages arriving in the post.

♥ Abundant fruit bowl on the table, to dip into and feel healthy.  Also looks so pretty! and makes me feel like a proper grown up, who has things like full fruit bowls and dishes done and beds made as a matter of course.

Blossom Dearie

♥ Finally being able to listen to great music Nicky made a playlist of for me.

♥ Getting an emergency appointment at the dentist on a public holiday.  Plus I’m so glad it happened now and not over Christmas.  Imagine the horror of not being able to eat properly at Christmas! Shudder.

♥ Rediscovering some old creative books in my collection and getting inspired.

♥ Rediscovering Slow Club‘s ‘Christmas  TV’ song.  Oh it sends shivers down my spine!

♥ Joe re-tuning our TV on learning that we actually get loads of free digital channels that we hadn’t known about.  Jersey Shore?  Plain Jane?  Yes oh yes please!

♥ The owner of La Ludoteka asking if I was a professional designer/illustrator when looking at my greetings cards.

♥ My cards about to go on sale at La Ludoteka.

♥ Jamie’s face lighting up when we sing him ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

♥ Mulled wine at Arlene’s party.

♥ Joe being my agent and selling my Christmas cards at his school.

Gala Darling’s Christmas mix tape.

♥ Snouting around t’internet and discovering new inspiring blogs, and rocknrollbride being 2 of them.

What’s been inspiring you?  Oh go on…I’d love to know!


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