Things I love Tuesday!


Happy New year everyone!

Marvellous Monday is today brought to you by Things I love Tuesday, with the first and foremost of the things being my people!

My people (see above) who I love dearly and am so honoured and happy they are in my life, and the fact that I’m as important to them as they are to me. Here they are beaming in the rain after visiting the chickens that live at the end of the garden in this holiday cottage we rented for new year.

Also on my list today:

♥ arriving back to sunny Barcelona.  Hooray!  We actually live here!

♥ Cava in the fridge, left over from Chrismas parties, but just because it’s no longer Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it!  I think we might have it tonight in fact!  Life’s too short not to enjoy the little moments.  And as I’m about to misquote, the little moments run together to make up the whole.  Life is a series of fleeting moments, might as well make ’em fun.

♥ Purging old clothes and toys to make room for new.  Nice liberating feeling. I hate old junk hanging around and weighing me down. Also love the fact that you can put pretty much anything on the street here and know it’s going to go to a better home than yours.

♥ Jamie walking!  My baby is now a toddler!

♥ Seeing 2 deer in the countryside on New Year’s Eve.

♥ Seeing Stonehenge.  I love the English countryside!

♥ Finding good book about papier mache in charity shop in UK for 50p.  Very inspiring!

♥ Wearing pink polka dot wellies in the rain.  It’s the little things! (see above)

♥ Getting Etsy orders over Christmas and New Year.

♥ Carmen making a very beautiful photo album of Jamie for our Chrismas present.

♥ Ordering new glasses!  No more dents on my nose!! (they haven’t arrived yet but I’m anticipating)

♥ Jamie learning to kiss with his lips instead of  just regally offering a cheek. Too cute!

♥ Gin and Tonics in posh glasses with chinese food last night. Celebrating Monday and the end of the holidays.  Oh yes,   Let the new year begin!


IMG_0423 IMG_0441 IMG_0466



3 thoughts on “Things I love Tuesday!

  1. Lovely pictures! And definitely lovely things to be thankful for. Reminds me of one of my favourite song lyrics by Feist: ‘We collect the moments one by one; I guess that’s how the future’s done.’

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