Elly and Simon’s handmade wedding book!


Hello!  I’ve been dying to share this with you but couldn’t until after December, when I gave it to Elly and Simon as their wedding present.  It was pretty easy to do, if a little time-consuming.  I started it in August!  But I like having a few projects on the go at once, so it was nice to come back to and work on now and then when the mood took me.


I painted some old card with acrylic paint, used that and other pretty scrapbook and craft paper to make the pages, wrote some prompts for them to fill in such as where we met, bridesmaids, guests, gifts, honeymoon etc, cut out some pictures from magazines to embellish it a bit, punched some holes in the decorated card pages, put the card pages together using silver binding rings, then tied old ribbons and fabric scraps to the binding rings.  Ta Dah! Simple!





I would like to make more and sell them in my Etsy shop.  Maybe I’ll make them available as custom-made ones.  We’ll see…so much to create, so little time! Are you working on any interesting craft projects at the moment?  Do tell! Happy crafting my lovelies!



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