Jamie sleeps through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie slept from 10 pm til 7.45 am last night.  I got 7 hours’ sleep in a row! Holy Moley hells bells this is HUGE!  The previous record before that was one night for 5 hours, and that was it.  The average number of night wakings I would say is between 6 and 8, sometimes 10, often 15.  I haven’t had 7 hours’ uninterrupted sleep in 17 months.  17 MONTHS!  That really is a long time.  I’m a hero!  Well done, Jamie, long may it last!


7 thoughts on “Jamie sleeps through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. congratulations Jamie and Jenny! Hope it lasts and he now gets into a routine. I was lucky with Arthur I didn’t experience that sleep deprivation. It’s good to have found this blog I didn’t know you had this.xxx

    1. thanks Sarah! just knowing he’s capable makes me feel positive! I might start sending email updates for the blog, haven’t really told people about it for some unknown reason! Hope you had a nice Christmas xx

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