Just because…I’m in a list-making mood

Becherovka (Photo credit: Eric van Wijk)

Continuing with the theme of happiness to be found in appreciation of the everyday, here’s a list of my all-time favourite drinks ( hey, I know you’ve been waiting for it!)  Pretty enjoyable to compile actually on this grey morning!

In no particular order:

♥ Cava

♥ hot chocolate (especially French-style, served in those silver jug things and really strong)

♥ chai latte

red wine (preferably ‘oaky’)

gin and tonic

♥ mango smoothie

♥ limoncello

Becherovka (oooh the hangovers!)

♥ coffee

♥ mulled wine

♥ mojito

♥ tequila

♥ margarita

♥ fresh mint tea

♥ watermelon juice

Note how I’ve finished with the healthy ones! What are your favourites?  Happy Sunday!


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