Things I love Tuesday

big tree monkeypic

Mavellous Monday seems to have definitely morphed into Things I love Tuesday!

Little things I’ve loved this week:

♥ new sparkly sequined gloves – a Christmas present from my father-in-law, good work Terry! ♥  listening to Jake Bugg ♥ watching Portlandia. Hillarrrioussss!  I’ve always wanted to visit Portland and Seattle, all the more so now ♥ Seeing my dear friend Sophie and laughing about nothing- ridiculously we live in the same city but don’t see each other as much as we should ♥ being nominated for the Liebster blog award – hooray and thank you A Wisdom Within! ♥ making heart garland for this Pinterest competition, I’ll post pictures soon.  You should enter, you could win this decoupaged box, amongst a million other things! ♥ getting second hand books at Hibernia bookshop on a little trip to Gracia en famille ♥ Joe pouring me an orange juice every morning without fail so it’s there waiting for me when I wake up ♥ Jamie sleeping through the night twice last week – come on Jamie, you can do it again, you CAN! ♥ smiles from strangers at Jamie babbling away in his cute hat ♥ yummy mangoes in our fruit bowl ♥ Cuddles from Jamie, pretty much the best thing ever ♥ cinnamon and spice scented candle making the whole flat smell divine ♥ Joe’s parents coming in February ♥ accidently coming across these card designs I’d forgotten about ♥ going to new playpark near us that Jamie loved ♥ new organic veggie shop opened near us-might inspire me to cook a bit more, you never know ♥ Neal’s Yard moisturiser – love Neal’s Yard products, and I love the fact they’re not tested on animals or have any chemical type things in them ♥ booking massage – one of my new year’s resolutions, and this guy is amazing!


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