I heart hearts!



Hello!  This is what I’ve been working on all week and I’m quite proud of it!  It’s for the Pinterest challenge I mentioned a few days ago.  The criteria is to be or include a heart wreath or garland (not entirely sure of the difference between those 2 things but anyway…)  The reason I’m so excited is because I’ve never made anything like this before, and to make something from scratch is always pretty satisfying n’est-ce pas?


I also really like how I’ve used up fabric scraps, ribbons and old broken jewellery that I’d specifically saved for I-don’t-know-what-purpose, now they’ve come into their own!




So, what I did was:  Got some bendyish wire, made it into a heart shape, covered it with plain ribbon, tied prettier ribbons and fabric scraps (some from an old pair of knickers, ha ha!  shhhhh don’t tell!!!) in various places on the heart until most of the heart was covered, added things like old earrings, buttons, craft flowers and various found objects and trinkets like the strawberry you can see above et voilà!  Pretty simple yet effective.  Hope you like it….and if you feel like voting for me, please do!!!!


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