Things I love Tuesday

bathtime picmonkey




Little lovely things from the week:

♥ beautiful lilies on the dining room table ♥ Looking through old photos of Joe’s childhood ♥ finding the above collage I’d made a while ago and forgotten about – a nice reminder to take more luxurious baths ♥ getting a cashmere jumper and loads of other goodies at Arlene’s clothes swap-such a great way to get rid of stuff and receive some lovely things in return….of course it helps that my friends have good taste ♥ Joe’s homemade pizza with superhot jalepeños ♥ Sophie’s baby Romy being born ♥ meeting friendly strangers in the playpark ♥ Skype dates with family and friends – the next best thing to seeing them ♥ finding a dream flat to rent with 3 bedrooms and terrace in Gracia – will they accept our offer??? ♥ my new glasses!  the world’s a different place! ♥ amazing brunch at my friend Michelle’s – pancakes and maple syrup and strawberries and mandarines dipped in melted chocolate, our Michelle’s a stylish chick…



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