Full moon moonies!

moon calendar 2013

Hey hey, did I get your attention!!!!???!!

Nothing like a bit of juvenile humour to start off a Monday….So how was the full moon for you on Saturday?  I definitely get in the mood to finish stuff and clean and chuck things out and do things that I’ve been meaning to do for a while when it’s the full moon.  This weekend we pared down on some household bits and bobs, got rid of books we’ll never read again, and went through some old papers.   I love doing this, it’s such a feeling of liberation!  The stuff you accumulate, especially with a baby, can get really out of hand!  And with such a small flat we really need to keep it under control.  So out it went!

My heart also races more quickly than usual around the full moon, and Jamie definitely sleeps worse, but hey that’s hardly noticeable!!  Ha ha!  Anyway I’ve always loved the moon, its role in Paganism, its relation to the sea, and the stages of a woman’s life.  One of my only regrets in life is not buying a beautiful painting in Cornwall of the full moon reflected on the sea.  It felt like too much money to pay at the time, and I’ve missed it ever since, which has been about 20 years!  My dear friend Gez almost made up for it by painting me a replica, which was lovely but not the same.  Ho hum, it’s cerainly true for me at least that it’s the things you don’t do that you regret rather than the things you do do…

I made the moon calendar above showing the new and full moons of 2013, so I can keep track of my life in relation to the phases of the moon.  A VERY good source of information is the farmers’ almanac, which I shall be checking often.   Did you know January’s full moon name is Wolf Moon?  Love it!   Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Full moon moonies!

  1. I definitely did a little cleaning out of my space too! Mostly just clothes to give away and dusted down my altar. It feels good to do even just a little bit.
    I also did an oracle card reading for 2013. It’s always fun to wonder how each card will be fulfilled throughout the year.
    The glorious Moon. I could stare at her all night. 🙂

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  3. Loved the way you did your picture, your creative full moons’ names. I wondered is there really a ‘beaver’ moon? Just wondering! I like the way you got on top of your tasks! I am never motivated in the winter to clean. Also, I have a son who to this day still is called Jamie, is yours a girl or a boy? Mine is James Matthew and is 30 now. Glad that Jules recommended your blog!

    1. thank you for your nice comments! The full moon names are traditional, possibly native American I think, I got the info from The Farmers’ Almanac which seems very reliable! Jamie is a boy, I’ve always loved that name, his name is just Jamie, not short for James or anything. Actually he has a middle name which is Leo, and his starsign…He really looks like a Jamie too!!! I could talk about him forever but I won’t go on and bore you…!

  4. While I got up my courage a bit late to actually honor your ping promptly – I have sent a few folks your way because of your beautifully crafted full moon art poster.

    Thank you again for sharing your art and fortitude. Cheers!

  5. Truly love your full moon poster and art. Hope to see one for the next year. And I must agree, I’ve more often than not regretted the things I did not do and regretted the things I said. Good fortune to you and yours!

    1. Thank you very much! I’ll definitely be doing one for next year, such fun to do, and I love having it to reference my moods and energy etc. Lots of luck and happiness back atcha!

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