Things I love Tuesday


Little lovely things from the week:

♥  finding some old photos like this one above of my old boudoir dressing table! Isn’t it pretty?!  I’ve changed some of the stuff on there now but it’s still pretty similar.  I love having a place I can put all my girly stuff on – perfume bottles, little boxes, gemstones, jewellery, flowers, postcards, make-up, photos, moon pictures…the mirror cose 3 pounds from a charity shop in Britain!  3 pounds!  Oooh I miss charity shops!  It’s so nice to have some space of one’s own.  Joe’s got his desk in the living room with lego and robots and maps, so it’s not entirely uneven! ♥ pear and camembert or pear and goat’s cheese toasted open sandwiches-my new snack du choix! ♥ games of Trivial Pursuit and letting Joe beat me (ahem)  How can anyone know that many facts???  I’m glad my head isn’t full of pointless information! (yeah okay but that’s different kind of info) ♥ Cava for no reason!  On Sunday night! How rock n roll am I? ♥ new folders.  This is the year I get organised with my business! ♥  organising a market stall, hooray!  Something I’ve always wanted to do! ♥ painting old bits of cardboard-relaxing and recycling at the same time, win win! ♥ brunch with friends, great to catch up ♥ plotting more Arabic Baths visits and girls’ nights in – it’s good to have stuff to look forward to, especially in January ♥ Marie Claire Idees magazine, so beautiful and so much inspiration…

Happy Tuesday my pumpkins!


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