Marvellous Mondays live on!


Belles choses from the week, starting with this picture  which I love!!!  ♥ impromptu beach trips.  We had such a good time at the beach yesterday.  I hadn’t seen the sea for a month or so – crazy when it’s literally half an hour’s walk away.  So nice to be able to make the most of things at your doorstep. ♥ laughing at Jamie toddling and falling over and squealing in the sand ♥ amazing massage from Cesar, I’m back to making it a regular thing. what a worthy cause to invest money in – your mental and physical wellbeing.  If you’re in Barcelona you should definitely give him a try! ♥ stargazing!  Incredible I know in Raval, but the sky was so clear last night it was beautiful ♥ my Nepalese  wool hat from Joe.  I’ve been wearing it nonstop even though the weather hasn’t particulary warranted it.  Well it is February, I need to make the most of it! ♥ Planning my stall for Saturday’s market at the CCCB.  Very excited as it’s the first time I’ve done one and should be fun ♥ re -organising my studio space, (ie desk).  I now have much more room and feel quite officious and smug with all my art supplies lined up in an orderly fashion.  I’ll post a picture soon ♥  playdates with mummy friends whose company I enjoy ♥ bumping into other friends unexpectedly and catching up ♥  anticipating Joe’s parents’ trip here in 2 weeks ♥  switching off with my Douglas Coupland novel, Gerneration A ♥  officially becoming a Happster ♥

Happy Monday everyone!


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