Something good is about to happen!

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Hello pop pickers!!

It’s pretty cold here today and very overcast.  I’m taking it as a lesson of  being able to enjoy the blue skies more when there are occasional greys.  I would be bored to experience the same weather every day, and I certainly couldn’t live without the seasons.  I love how they echo life, and make you appreciate how everything has its time, and how there is beauty in every phase of life.  This weather really does make you want to hibernate though, drink hot chocolate or coffee, snuggle under cosy wool blankets, watch films, read books and work on creative projects!  I’ll see what I can fit in in my two 90 minute windows when Jamie naps!  Life’s too short to be catching up on housework is what I say!

Here’s this week’s Marvellous Monday list of positive things that have happened to me:

♥ doing my market stall and having a good time despite the lack of many sales and the weather!  a lovely feeling of accomplishment has washed over me…♥ reading Caroline Myss‘s Anatomy of the Spirit, super interesting and very insighful ♥ millions of creative ideas-I love being inspired! ♥ changing my biz name to This Rosy Life!  I love it!  I think it perfectly reflects my obsession with roses that appear in my art, my love of pink, and the positive and happy energy that I try to pass on.  I originally wanted to be Life is Rosy, but the domain name was already taken.  I’m a believer in everything happening for a reason, (actually most of the time I am but I think I’m still working on this!!) so I’m sure it’s for the best.  I remember once when I was living in Prague I spent hours cutting out pictures of individual roses and arranging them in a border around my bed.  I went out shortly after and was introduced to a friend of a friend, and he said what’s your name, Rose?  Funny, eh?  It sounds nothing like Jenny!  So I don’t know where he got that from, able to see the rose images that were still dancing in my head!!  ♥ beautifully laundered sheets ♥ new cardigan with hearts on it ♥ making new collages, the above being one of them, I love the power of autosuggestion, the mind is a wonderful thing! ♥ planning visits from old friends ♥ getting more greetings cards printed ♥ remebering our wedding day nearly 4 years ago ….


5 thoughts on “Something good is about to happen!

  1. I love your new name, on so many levels! Way to go on your creativity with the domain name when your initial choice was taken. What you came up with is wonderful!

    Also, Anatomy of the Spirit is a GREAT book!! Nice to find a kindred spirit. 🙂

    1. thank you miss!! Joe came up with the new name and I liked it almost as much, so there we go! I know, I can’t believe I hadn’t read this book before, it seems like a classic. going to go back and reread some of her other ones. I started reading entering the castle or something like that but couldn’t get into it (ha! no pun intented!!) Tell me some other essential books you’d put on a par with Anatomy of the Spirit!! My favourite classic, or one of them, is You can heal your life by Louise Hay. Sooooo good!

      1. I had the same (lack of) experience with Entering the Castle, you made me smile! I also appreciate Louise Hay as well.

        Sacred Contracts (another Myss piece of awesomeness) is well worth your time. Can’t say enough about it, it’s one to refer to again and again like Anatomy of the Spirit. Life-changing, eye-opening, soul-expanding!

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