Hooray for Mondays! (Yes you did read that correctly…)

hooray! congratulations card

Greetings my twinkly stars!  Do you like the title of this post?  It’s another experiment in autosuggestion.  The start of a fresh week, anything is possible…I hate the idea of only living for the weekend and wishing your life away.  There are a lot of days in between the weekends, let’s make the most of those too! I’m having a great Monday so far…I hope you had a nice week, I certainly did. My parents-in-law are here at the moment so I’m enjoying a very clean and tidy flat filled with bunches of  fresh flowers!  Lovely!  Should really do it more often!

Little Happy Things:

♥ yellow tulips!  and some in the bedroom too…they are sooooo pretty!  ♥ celebrating our 4 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day.  We planned to have Champagne and nice tapas and gin and tonics (any excuse!) but Jamie wanted in on the action and got out of bed at least 5 times so  in the end we just had beans on toast and fizzy water.  How prosaic!  Still kind of fun in a tragic sort of way!!  ♥ heart shaped biscuits and donuts with hearts on them.  What do you mean tacky and kitsch?   I love hearts, and I’m proud of it.  I LOVE HEARTS!  See?  Sorry, feeling a bit boistrous due to caffeine intake.  We’ll move on…♥ rose socks.  I didn’t buy them, but I’ think I will, and just knowing they exist makes me happy!  ♥ Klimt’s mother and child picture.  I’ve just put it up in Jamie’s room, and it’s so sweet.  ♥ passing on compliments i.e. telling people when other people have said nice things about them.  So easy to do and makes everyone feel good.  ♥ reading SARK.  She’s so bright and cheery and colourful.  ♥ discovering Ingrid Michaelson, particularly this song  ♥ It’s a Wonderful Life.  Can’t get enough of this film, at Christmas or otherwise ♥ art comissions – hooray! ♥ creating more card designs, I think my big goal is to get to 100 different designs.  I’m on about 50 now.  ♥ Jamie’s wonky fringe.   Guess who cut it???!!


2 thoughts on “Hooray for Mondays! (Yes you did read that correctly…)

  1. This is such a cheery post it gave me pleasure: the lovely card with big head and big eye lashes…(how my daughter always used to draw me -she is a surrealist); love Ingrid Michaelson especially ; and love love klimt …. so you reminded me of happy things,on grey work -a-day Tuesday, when I was feeling under the weather 🙂 Merci!

    1. De rien! It’s so nice when others find pleasure in the same things you do, or get inspired! I love being inspired by other people’s lists, it reminds me of all the good things out there. Donc, J’suis contente alors!

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