Ugly blue woman

ugly blue woman

Hello people! She’s not really that bad though, is she?  I’m talking about the above picture , which I named when I made her as I really didn’t think she was very attractive.  Not having seen her for awhile I feel I was maybe a bit harsh in the initial judgement!

The boy and I have been ill today, boo!  All the more reason to get up and focus on the positive, and be grateful for what is usually present in my life, i.e. health and not-so-ugly collages!  I might even make ole Ugly Blue into a card now I’ve seen her again, and last week set myself the target of  creating 100 card designs.  Will have a think about when my deadline will be for this goal…this year is maybe a bit too ambitious!  It’s a fine balance (great book by the way, just as an aside, by Rohinton Mistry) as it always is- between motivation and overwhelm if one sets oneself too difficult objectives….

Anyhoo…. I appear to be in a rambling mood, (this is what happens when I don’t talk to anyone but an 18 month old all day!) so let’s get on shall we?

Rosy things from the week:

♥ catching up with old friends and seeing newborn babies-might just tilt me over the edge to have one more (yikes!)  ♥  lazy weekend mornings lounging in bed reading.  Jamie actually slept ok this weekend so instead of sleeping in the morning I could actually read and lounge and slob!  What a treat! ♥  solo midweek cinema trips.  Blue Valentine, what a great film!  ♥ receiving my Happsters cards in the post, which I plan to use as soon as possible and spread the love  ♥  homemade hearty soup to cheer us sick bunnies up  ♥ our toasty warm flat. It’s freezing at the moment here in Barcelona  ♥  Vicariously swooning over Kerala via a friend’s photos.  I would love to go there some day!  ♥ friends buying my cards  ♥ surprise chocolate gifts  ♥ Joe finding 10 euros in his jacket pocket…

Wishing you a happy shiny week!


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