Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle


I love that quote by Plato (I think it’s Plato).  It really reminds me of the inter-connectedness of us all and how everyone is in the same boat in terms of our human-ness.  Of course the external surroundings differ vastly, but underneath everything we’re essentially the same, with our own struggles and strivings and desires to be happy.  (Ok, coming at you from a very white privileged western female point of view but there we go!)

So, keeping the love and kindness mindset alive with this week’s wee list of happiness:

♥ the luxury of turning down invitations. I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t get any, but sometimes it feels good NOT to do stuff and constantly be busy, as long as it’s a choice rather than an obligation because there’s no other alternative. ♥ Monday solo dates people watching and  reading my book at Cafe de l’Opera, I love that place! Always busy but you usually get a table, great coffee, good service, very old school art deco building and interior, and a good mix of locals and tourists.  ♥ my book, The Secrets of  Mariko by Elisabeth Bumiller.  A year in the life of an ordinary Japanese woman and soooooo interesting! Despite being non-fiction it’s so engaging it’s pure escapism for me.  ♥ empowering feelings that come with saying no!  ♥ being inspired by all the creative studios in another book Joe got me for Christmas. I adore seeing other people’s creative spaces.  ♥ planning Easter getaways  ♥  sending real mail, something I plan to do  more often ♥  March!  It’s nearly spring!  Yeah baby, I love the passing of the seasons!

Happy Tuesday!


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