Things I love Tuesday

Be Yourself, whimsical art by This Rosy Life

♥ bok choi and bean sprout noodle dinners, yummy and healthy  ♥ sunny sunny weather!  It’s nearly spring, people!  ♥ getting organised and businesslike, who’d have thought it??  It’s possible to be creative and structured at the time, but, wow, it takes a bit of work!  ♥ skype dates with the beautiful Zoe  ♥ designing 2 new cards in a week, go me!  ♥ Spotify!  ♥ Joe finding another 10 euros in his coat pocket!  ♥ dreaming about New York, can’t believe I’ve never been to this city!  One day…♥ new book recommendations  ♥ meeting fellow Barcelona Etsians ♥ Jamie learning to ‘jump’  ♥ lovely hand-me-downs from friends with expensive taste!  Thanks Donks!


5 thoughts on “Things I love Tuesday

  1. Hi Jenny! I sent you a FB message…and am not sure you received it…(i have missed messages in the “other” inbox before for years….I hope that you are well and would love to connect if you’re interested some day! Hapy day!

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