Things I love Thursday

don't worry be happy

That’ll teach me to make promises I can’t necessarily keep!  I loved the idea of Wonderful Wednesday but time ran away with me yesterday so here we are today instead.  A lesson to be learned there about over-promising and under-delivering, when really it should of course be under-promising and over-delivering!  What a mouthful!

I feel it’s in a similar vein to always rushing around unnecesarily because I want everything done right now and then I make myself stressed by making sure it all gets done now.  When it totally doesn’t need to be achieved that instant.  I’m just adding unnecessary pressure to my life and mental tranquility:  doing things too quickly and therefore with probably less quality in a random quest to get them achieved by a self-imposed yet completely unessential deadline that I’ve made up in my head.

I was thinking to deliver a card order to a shop today, just because, and feeling a bit unrelaxed about it.  Then I said to myself why not just do it tomorrow (radical!  I hadn’t stated any particular date to the shop, so it really didn’t matter), and immediately felt more peaceful.  Ahhhhh….suddenly I had time to do it properly and in a more leisurely fashion…Less is more, less is more….etc.

♥ Things I’m grateful for today ♥ 

♥ my health ♥ Jamie and Joe’s health ♥ new trike for Jamie, foldable and so small so won’t clutter up our flat further, but so great! ♥ healthy choices like staying in last night because I didn’t feel too well and I’ve lost my voice (how careless, as my Dad would say!!) ♥ catching up with old friends ♥ red wine and girly chats ♥ selling lots of cards to friends ♥ Etsy orders too ♥ revamping my Etsy shop banner and being really pleased with how it turned out! ♥ lovely customer service from the printers ♥ sunny sunny weather ♥ anticipating dipping into the sea and feeling the sand beneath my toes ooooh I love summer so much! ♥ Cadbury’s Creme eggs ♥ Albali Crianza red wine, delicious and a bargain 2 euros 45 a bottle!!!!  ♥ planning Easter projects.  The idea of projects makes me really happy, I think because there’s no pressure and no deadlines!! ♥  discovering this great song by Indgrid Michaelson ♥


2 thoughts on “Things I love Thursday

  1. I am mad for the bright colors here. Don’t worry about time and all that – usually as you noted it is only you who is concerned with the deadline. One wonderful thing you can enjoy is that some of the things you “fail” to do just end up being better left undone. And of course you can enjoy the kissing cousin of that thought – sometimes the undone becomes irrelevant and you were “wise” to have “failed” to do anything at all about it!


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