Wonderful Wednesday!

red ruffle skirt

I know you shouldn’t generalise but I seem to find if a bad day’s going to happen, it tends to be a Wednesday.  So I’m excited that it’s coincided today with a chance to do this blog post on a Wednesday to put that right, and make it a wonderful Wednesday…

So here we have this week’s Cosas Felices:

♥ friends realising creative dreams, inspiring and makes me think I can do it too.  Hooray for abundant thinking!  Certainly on less positive days I’ve been known to feel jealous and think why can’t I have that or be that etc, as if somehow someone else’s success means another person’s automatic failure.  The world is an abundant place!  There isn’t a finite amount of luck or success that gets used up and means there isn’t enough left over for someone else to have.  The pool is infinite!  ♥ my new fairy woman above makes me pretty happy, I like how she turned out, and I’ve put her in my Etsy shop, bien sur ♥ card sales, an order a day last week on Etsy…slowly but surely going in the right direction…♥ Joe’s Easter holiday and lots of family time.  Slobbing and walks and coffees and parks.  Red wine and losing at Yahtzee.  How retro cool are we????  ♥ lovely custom orders from lovely customers!  So satisfying to be creative and make other people happy.  Someone making an effort to give something special to someone they love, and I’m involved in that process.  I love handmade!  ♥ stopping breastfeeding Jamie at night.  We’re slapbang in the middle of the process, but I’m optimistic..ahhh the sweet smell of sleep on the horizon…♥ fairy lights in March – they’re just so pretty…  ♥ Joe’s homemade bread.  ♥ Finding random happy lists on the internet like this one in Spanish. ♥ Full moon energy and getting lots of stuff done…

Have a wonderful Wednesday dear people!


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