It’s grey and rainy in Barcelona today…

Jenny and Jamie by the sea March 2013

…which I don’t mind too much because sometimes it’s nice to just slob around at home and do not much – reading, coffee drinking, playing with Jamie, nail painting, hair dyeing, overdue craft projects (like my patchwork cushions which have been on the go for at least a year) pottering, tidying up my desk and discovering all sorts of forgotten materials and resources hidden in the depths…

And there’s no pressure to be outside enjoying the sunshine and doing something more productive.  I think it comes from growing up in England.  As soon as the sun’s out, because it happens so rarely, everyone always tells you to get out and make the most of it (you never know when it’ll be making its next lofty appearance!!) thus provoking some kind of profound guilt if you have to spend more than a minute indoors when the sun shines…

The photo above was last week.   Ahhhh…having just said all that, I’m really looking forward to the beach season being upon us again!

Have a lovely weekend!


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