Fabulous Friday!

grease girls cropped scan

Hey everyone!  Okay so it’s easy to be happy on a Friday when the sun’s shining and outside it’s hot hot hot, but that’s worth celebrating in itself n’est-ce pas?!

I’m a massive fan of Grease, something about its chirpy 50’s singing, fashion and American-ness puts me in a good mood and reminds me of when I was a teenager, longing to be a sunny American and go to High School and hang out in red-boothed diners drinking milkshakes or sodas!  Because surely that’s what American teenagers do, right????

I loved making this collage, and this one, all the more so now I’ve had someone doing a production of Grease order in bulk to use as thank you cards for her cast. Do what you love and the rest will follow…as someone famous- though -I -can’t -remember -whom once said.

Fabulous Friday weekly wonders:

♥ making my patchwork cushions, soooo pretty and I love doing it, pictures soon. ♥ frolicking in the sun ♥ Barcelona weather ♥ Jamie getting better at sleeping, baby steps but we’re going in the right direction ♥ new parks ♥ friendly strangers ♥ a homeless man spelling out ‘Love’ with empty beer cans.  It looked great, and a novel way to ask for change.  I wish I’d taken a photo. ♥ Very cool woman in her 60’s rocking a rock chick look, and it totally suiting her.  Pink hair, pink bandana, big sapphire earrings, tight skirt, stripy socks and trainers.  She looked fantastic and I plucked up the courage to tell her, and she looked delighted!  Hooray for compliments!  ♥ getting lost in novels ♥ getting closer to our flat.  Not signed the contract yet but I’m pretty sure it’s ours, ohmygoodness I cannot WAIT to have more space, a STUDIO and an outdoor area for Jamie!  Keep you posted ♥ someone choosing my poster as a prize in a competition-almost as good as winning the competition myself! ♥

Have a fabulous Friday my beauties!!!


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