Wonderful Wednesday

thinking of you

The sun is shining, Jamie is sleeping better, things are pretty rosy….

Pain, sadness and awful pointless things happen in the world, but a lot of beautiful things too.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we choose to consume in terms not just of food, but media, information, images, advertising etc.  We are surrounded by so many blatant and insidious messages that can have a negative effect on us, we don’t need to contribute to the assault on our senses and self worth (especially as women) by aswell passively imbibing those newspapers, films, books and products that also bring us down and that we can actively choose to avoid.

We can choose beauty, and seek out alternative media and news sources.  Does anyone know Rob Brezsny?  He’s amazing, you should definitely check him out!  He coined the term ‘pronoia’ as the antonym of ‘paranoia’, to mean the belief that the universe is conspiring with you rather than against you to get you what you want, and where you are supposed to be in the world.  Very interesting….

Things I’m grateful for this week:

♥ The smell of orange trees in Plaça del Pi. Divine! ♥ Early mornings with Jamie when I have the streets of Raval and the Ramblas almost all to myself.  Barcelona‘s a different place! ♥ solo coffee dates with my book ♥ patchwork cushion cover making, morphing into a quilt! ♥ nearly finished designing my new business card, I love how it’s turning out ♥ new flat planning ♥ potential new students to tide me over until my cards and art make me rich ♥ macaroni cheese dinners cooked by me!!!  Joe nearly fell off his chair when I told him dinner was prepared ♥ Amazon parcels arriving.  I do love post!! ♥ afternoons at the beach with Jamie. I love that this is how I can spend my time in the day.♥

Happy Wednesday my flowers!


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Thank you for the link about Rob Brezsny–incredibly fascinating! And right in line with my extra attention lately to mindfully choose where I place my energy and attention. I’m grateful for your blog. 🙂

    1. hooray, glad to be of use! Rob Brezsny is such a great person (well, he comes across like that!) he gives me hope and I love the fact he’s a man and such a feminist.

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