Dream art studio!

nidelise nidelice 2

How gorgeous is this creative studio in the South of France?  So light!  So spacious!  So airy!

A couple of years ago we were driving through France and chanced upon this beautiful bed and breakfast in Quillan, in the Languedo-Rousillon region.  It was one of those serendipitous finds.  We had originally wanted to stay in another prettier nearby town, Lisieux, but everywhere there was fully booked, as were almost all the other hotels in Quillan, well those within our budget anyway.  Someone directed us to this place Nidelice, and after about half an hour of walking round trying to locate it in an increasingly tense manner, a very pregnant me needing the toilet, both of us hungry, both of us snapping at each other, we finally stumbled upon it and it was like arriving at your cool best friend’s house!

It’s run by 2 artists, a Portuguese and a French guy, Paolo and Didier, who were so super friendly, gave us fresh plums and showed us round!  I fell in love with the art studio, and Joe found his dream kitchen.  One day they will be ours!!!

nidelice kitchen


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