Mighty Monday!


Hello my dear spring chickens!!!

I love the word ‘mighty’, so old-fashioned but powerful and strong and sure of itself.  A good way to start the week I reckon!

I read this blog post this morning and it made me want to get up and get moving, hence this hopeful aide-memoire in the form of a bike collage.  (The post also made me feel somewhat inadequate and slovenly, but that’s another story, and I consoled myself with the fact that I have a lively small child to look after, who doesn’t really afford me the occasion of sunrise beach sun salutations, meditation, market browsing, walking and baking, all before midday!  What a lovely-sounding morning!)

Anyway, some things I’ve loved this week:

♥ catching up with old friends who tell me they read my blog!  What a nice compliment! ♥ hair dyeing – now a sophisticated chocolate brown rather than faded burgundy ♥ a friend saying I reminded them of Katie Perry.  Deluded, but I’ll take what I can get ♥ a fellow blogger saying she was grateful for my blog!!!  What a lovely thing to say!  Thanks Gina!  ♥ arranging to sign our new apartment contract, and moving in on Sunday!  OOOOh the excitement!!!♥ speaking French ♥ making collages ♥ taking photos ♥ rose rubber stamps ♥ new scrapbook shop opened in Raval.  We’re moving, but I love the fact it exists and looks super inspiring! ♥ Joe’s amazing fajitas.  I could eat them at least 5 times a week ♥ hearing from long-lost relatives ♥ Jamie continuing to sleep much better ♥ Jamie using anything rectangular as a phone and placing it pretty much on the back of his neck while he gabbles away.  So sweet and funny ♥ Bill Bailey.  Just looking at that man makes me laugh!♥


2 thoughts on “Mighty Monday!

    1. Gina you’re making me blush!!! Thank you so much, I’m touched! Things like this totally make me feel I´m on the right track, so thanks a lot! Big rosy love to you xx

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