Fabuloso Friday! (well it is now)

good luck fairy

Hello my gorgeous ones!

Today may I present to you a good luck fairy?  Even if you don’t need any it’s always nice to have a bit extra (of luck or fairies, es igual) n’est-ce pas?  Just looking at her will bring a squidge of luck to your day I promise, she’s quite potent…

I’ve actually been having quite an irritating Friday.  I can honestly say that today has probably been the yuckiest day of my life of motherhood.  Wow, eh?Little niggly things going wrong, and my mood gradually worsening throughout the day, Jamie constantly whining after being up for a lot of last night.  AARGH! Made worse by the fact it’s Friday and I feel like there’s no excuse not to be happy on a sunny spring Friday!  Still, I give myself permission to not always feel rosy…you gotta take the rough with the smooth don’t you?!  All the more important though to sneak off to a cafe and salvage what’s left of the day by shifting my focus on the positive things that surround me, of which indeed there are a few.  (Deep breath…)

We’re all moved and our new apartment is truly amazing.  I’m so happy to have so much space.  A place to do yoga!  No more art stuff gravitating onto the bed! Grateful for:

♥ Lovely helpful friends not only lifting so many heavy boxes and furniture, but also packing up some of it too.  I felt like a right queen of the manor overseeing my workers’ jobs! ♥  Managing to find a van for the day we wanted to move, despite us booking it for the wrong weekend. (ahem) ♥ Lovely friendly new neighbours. ♥ La Marelle having free wifi.  My phone is dead too so I’m incommunicado at the moment, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Quite nice to have time out from the norm, and remember that my time is my own (ish.  I do have a spirited 21 month old charge let’s not forget) ♥ exploring my new neighbourhood (Les Corts, since you ask, what a change from Raval!) and feeling like an uptown girl (at last!  I knew there was a reason I’ve always loved Billy Joel) ♥ envisaging an outdoor oasis of plants, herbs, fairy lights and parasols for our new patio. ♥ Listening to ‘Here comes the sun’, such a chirpy song.

Well thanks dear internet angels, I already feel a hundred times better!

Wishing you a fantastic Friday and weekend!



2 thoughts on “Fabuloso Friday! (well it is now)

  1. Congratulations on the successful, completed move! Sooo happy for you! Thank you for the reminder to attend to the positives, which transforms the moments. I, too, was downward-spiraling this week–but after reading this I’m smiling and have “Here Comes the Sun” stuck in my head! Bonus!!

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