Serene Saturday!

pretty blue woman

Helloooooooo and Hooray!

We have internet!  The freedom!  (No more traipsing off to wifi cafes and drinking too much coffee, because of course, if I’m in a cafe I have to drink coffee.)  The connection!  I’d been trying to be zen and see the lack of internet connection as an opportunity to not waste time online and do more worthy things with my time, but actually it just contributed to me feeling more unsettled with the move and everything and not having familiar routines in place.  But hey, intention is everything!!!

I’m being serene today to compensate for Jamie’s manicness (a made up word I’m sure, certainly looks a bit weird written down) – today and last night.  There’s no point trying to match his energy with the same dynamism, it’ll only end in tears.  Joe and I have to be the calm, firm, patient ones, we are the parents after all.  It’s quite honestly like being in charge of a feisty little wolf cub, or so I imagine.  He doesn’t stop, only when he’s asleep, and we’re not going to talk about the sleeping.  I’m sure the phase will pass…

We’re slowly getting it together with the new apartment.  Can’t wait to post pictures when it’s done!  So, onto the Saturday Good Things:

♥ Sleeping with the window open the past couple of nights.  This wouldn’t have been possible in our old place because of the noise.  Beautiful cooling breeze and the smell of blossom drifting in while we sleep.  Sound of birds in the morning, and not just seagulls, ahhhh…maybe I am a country girl at heart!  ♥ new Camper summer shoes with flowers and ankle straps, making me feel like skipping around!  A nice change from trainers and Converse.  ♥ balmy evenings, giving us a taste of summer, when you go out at night in just a vest stop and it’s still too hot.  Sure I’ll be complaining about it when it actually happens! ♥  The Apprentice new series.  Haven’t watched it yet and I know it’s totally unworthy, but I love it!  Completely addictive and makes me feel happy about my life choices not being in any way corporate.  I can think of little I would enjoy less than taking part in that programme! (or ‘process’, as they say at least a thousand times per episode)  ♥ the abundance of parks near our new apartment.  One has pine trees and smells divine.  ♥ fresh orange juice  ♥ restorative early nights ♥ Leonie Dawson blog-I love her energy and enthusiasm and total goofiness ♥ the word ‘goofiness’, strangely pleasing ♥ cold asparagus soup, thanks Clare, inspired to actually try it out myself!  ♥ summer wedding invites ♥ cool floaty trousers found on the street ♥ friends who love Jamie.  I love you all the more if you love my son! ♥ lovely healthy green plants contrasting with the freshly painted white walls of the living room.  Very satisfying to look upon!  ♥ realising we’re now really close to Thai restaurant Bangkok cafe.  I’ve never been but have heard smazing things and can’t wait to try it out.  ♥ 2 elegant older ladies in the cafe I’ve been frequenting to check my email.  They were there every day at the same time, in the same spot, enjoying their coffees and each other’s company.  Lipstick and chic scarves and jewelery, chatting and smiling and looking like they love their life they make me feel positive about growing old….♥….which leads me to remember the adorable film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Love it!  Might have to watch it again soon!  It almost made me want to be retirement age!

Wishing you a serene weekend my pretty ones! xx


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