19/52 Jamie and his bat wings

jamie bat wings

I know some people frown upon harnesses for kids, and think really?  for a child?  Your child on a leash?  Admittedly when Jamie decides he wants to go crawling on the pavement when he’s got his bat wings on I get a bit embarrassed and insist he walks (well, I would anyway), but other than that, I think harnesses are really practical and a good compromise between buggy and running off into oncoming traffic walking on his own.  Our Jamie-boy is a livewire bundle of unrelenting energy, for me the reins are a necessity and an essential way of keeping at least some of my sanity when we’re out and about.

Plus I’m sorry but these are way too cute!!  I love how he just goes about his business wearing them, no idea that  he’s charging around, wings aflapping looking like a little bat!

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6 thoughts on “19/52 Jamie and his bat wings

  1. Aww, now that’s cute. I did hear a guy on a train at the weekend telling his son that if he didn’t behave he’d have to go on his lead, though…which was not so cute!

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with harnesses, it’s keeping your child safe!! If your child wants to walk but say it’s quite busy or you’re worried little one might bump into something/fall over something/hurt themself, this way you know they’re nice & safe by your side!!! 🙂 x

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