Things I love Tuesday! What is it about pink roses?

rose pic

…that makes me so happy??!!!  I love them so!

I think that’s pretty much all the days of the week covered now for my love lists- except Sunday. Maybe I’ll make a love list this Sunday.  I like the idea of calling it a love list. Gratitude list is a bit of a mouthful and I feel a bit zealously religious when I write it!

There are some beautiful pink roses growing on the street opposite our place. This is one of them.  So pretty, they make me feel quite at home!  I also found a street called Carrer Roses a few blocks away.  I must take a picture of the sign.  Surrounded by roses in my new neighbourhood, I’m definitely supposed to be here!!

Here’s my love list for today:

♥ Jamie’s new haircut-so sweet and wonky!  He’s stopped being mistaken for a girl all the time though, so that’s something!  It was a necessary chop, but not one that was easy to do for this way-too-sentimental mama, the first time I’d ever cut his hair at the back…ah, a rite of passage!  Well  he is 21 months old and it was way too hot to keep it as it was.  ♥ sorting  out Joe’s ‘office’, as we’ve taken to calling it, aka the guest room, aka pile o boxes room.  Now we can see the floor and there’s a desk in there, I see great potential, and I love how Joe’s getting his own space when he’s always been so generous about me having mine and my studio!  ♥ salsa verde. I have become quite obsessed. Love how it changes the humble omelette to something brunchy and Mexican! And available in the local supermarket, amazing! ♥ white gladioli on our dining room table.  Making me feel grown up and sophisticated, not sure why, think it’s the whiteness and tallness of the stems.  Love how I’m an English graduate and it’s the word tallness rather than length springs to mind first.  ♥ Michelle introducing me to amazing latte, will have to remember the brand, very addictive.  ♥ My dear friend Zoe’s new born baby Leo.  So excited for her and love how his name and Jamie’s middle name are the same!  ♥ Violinist on the metro playing Vivaldi.  Absolutely stunning and brought tears to my eyes.  Told you I was sentimental!  So lovely to hear something that beautiful unexpectedly on the prosaic everyday metro ♥  Being the recepient of a random act of kindness.  A woman in the metro station rushing up to help me lift Jamie’s buggy down the stairs and right on to the train just before the doors shut.  She had such an open face and genuine smile it made me smile all day.  ♥

Happy Tuesday to you dear ones! xx


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