Things I love Tuesday! Rosy ways to spread the love…

rosy ways to spread the love

Hello cherubs of the internet!

I made this poster a while ago but I’ve been saving it as I want to give it as a downloadable gift when people join my mailing list.  Which I’ll get round to doing once I figure out how to implement it! So a taster in the meantime.  Although I think I might change the green background first…it’s a bit flourescent-which I know is super trendy at the moment but still, I think another colour might work better.

So how’s your week going?  I hope you’re remembering to treat yourself nicely-and I’d even go so far as to say gently! Be your own best friend. Start with yourself first and then you’ll be doing the same to others.  It’s not all roses (despite however much I may want it to be) and as my friend Michelle put the other day,

Some days ya just gotta put on your boots and dance anyway…

Love it!

So here’s today’s love list

♥ Waitress in bar saying I could pay for my coffee another day when I realised I’d forgotten my wallet (mamabrain, but not really new mama brain.  I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often!) ♥ Someone saying my blog had made them smile (done my job then, I can’t tell you how much this satisfies and fulfills me!) ♥ Being told I rock.  Love this!  Thanks Gina, I always seem to be able to count on you for an uplifting word or two!! ♥ My personalised rubber stamp arriving from this Etsy shop – engraved with my biz name and website around a very pretty rose.  This is going to save a lot of time on my cards.  Having to hand-write my details on each and every card I make is verrrry time-consuming.  How sleek and professional do I feel now?  ♥ Joe’s notes and texts.  No matter how busy he is he always seems to make time for them, bless him, what a star he is!  ♥ new incense  ♥ discovering our local library ♥  discovering the fact it is called Can Roses, the Catalan equivalent of Chez Roses.  How perfect! ♥  the book I just finished reading ‘Please Look after Mother’ by Kyung-Sook Shin.  Anyone read it?  Beautifully written about a South Korean mother who goes missing.  Made me think a lot about the nature of motherhood and taking people for granted.  I really recommend it (the book, obviously, not the taking people for granted) ♥ bright pink and red geraniums on our balcony.  ♥ The beautiful courtyard in this nearby cafe, Fragments on Plaça Concordia.  Full of fairy lights wrapped around trees, parasols, flowers and plants.  So inspiring and giving me ideas for our patio…♥

I hope you have a rosy day! xx


2 thoughts on “Things I love Tuesday! Rosy ways to spread the love…

  1. Bit of a random question, but how do you feel about incense over an oil and warmer? Also, where do you get yours from. I’ve been looking for something for my home. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your lovin’ list with us!


  2. Hi Kiera
    I love random questions, and I wish I could answer but I don’t know what you mean??!!! Could you explain, incense over an oil burner you mean, so it heats it? I get my incense from our local health food shop, the standard Nagchampa, which I see in quite a lot of places. Authentic and smells great and under 2 euros! x

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