Fabulous and Freezing Friday

feeling good todayHello good people of the interwebs!  It is FREEZING here in Barcelona at the moment!  I don’t know what’s going on with climate change etc but I can’t believe tomorrow is June and we’re still walking round with coats and jumpers on.  It’s beach time, now! Come on!

Right, now that I’ve beseeched the gods I’m sure it’ll all be alright.  Here’s my lovelist from the week:

♥ Parks and recreation.  Really funny and sweet and did I mention I have a crush on Ron Swanson?  The name!  The quiet authority, the unexpected humanness and vulnerability.  And his mustache, claro.  ♥ Beautiful Interflora flowers arriving (pink lilies and roses since you ask) arriving out of the blue from Joe. ♥ Having fun with visitors.  ♥ Tweeking my boudoir/studio/art room, almost finished now and I love it! Soooo good to have a room of one’s own.  ♥ Slowly turning our patio into a mini haven.  Still a way to go but it’s really shaping up. Plants, herbs, flowers and wooden table and chairs.  Just need fairy lights and yet more plants.   ♥ Reading good novel, The Temple-goers.  ♥ Bargain plants found for a euro!  ♥ Very sweet landlord  ♥ Joe’s office ♥ My friend’s health ♥ Meditation (haven’t done it yet but it’s there on my list of intentions, and I like the idea of it being there, just need to get round to doing it) ♥ Petra’s public horse antics.  I keep picturing the bucking and neighing and cackling to myself. Ah, it really is the little things…

Have a great weekend todos!


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