Wonderful Wednesday is here!

small tree

Dahlings!  It’s nearly summer!  Our geraniums are blooming, we’ve bought a lavender plant and Joe only has 4 more weeks until the end of term!  Happy dancing!   Twirling round the room!  Doo be doo be do!

Here’s this week’s love list:

♥ cool orange nail polish, nice and bright and matches the summer and the flowers on the windowsill balcony  ♥  Katie and Carmen coming to stay and spoiling Jamie ♥ Sunday weekend newspapers ♥ pretty origami paper gifts. Looking forward to making some kind of bird mobile creation to nestle among the plants on the patio.  I say me, really meaning  Joe.  I prefer collage to origami.  I was about to write I can’t do origami, then remembered my quest to replace negative putting-down attitudes with posititve thoughts and statements instead, so there we have it.  Go me! ♥ Surprise tomato plant and herb presents ♥ nice sunny weather ♥ contact from friendly strangers wanting to meet up. ♥ discovering hands free mama website.  ♥ discovering Raising Vibrations fb page, full of quotations and uplifting messages. ♥ ordered new business cards, FINALLY!!!   Will share them with you when they arrive. ♥ making list of rosy books to share.  So much lovely and heart-warming information out there to be had if you look hard enough!

Happy hump day sugarplums!



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