Splendid Saturday

cuadro02Hello cherry blossoms

Summer has truly arrived in Barcelona, and all is looking rosy.  I love it when I can go non-stop to the beach, and the fact that Jamie loves it too is simply marvellous!

Here’s this week’s love list.  Saturday is still technically the week, so we’re just about alright in time!  To be fair I did do another blog post on how to make the most of living in a small space.  But I hate to not come through on promises I’ve made myself, ie make my weekly gratitude list and share it.

♥ beach time ♥ watching Jamie splash in the sea ♥ smell of delicious fresh mint leaves wafting over as a beach seller was making his mojitos behind a rock right next to me ♥ grapefruit shower gel by Yves Rocher, my new obsession. So summery!  Not tested on animals and really reasonably priced.  ♥ Mama friends who are fun to hang out with, not just with the bubs. ♥ new French series Les Revenants ♥ healthy plants ♥ Kelly Rae Roberts and so much inspiration on her blog.  This is what my blog will look like one day, I will make it happen! ♥ Jamie’s delightful mood  ♥ a man giving Joe a Tin Tin book because he asked. (Joe thought he was throwing them out, turns out he’d just bought them, but offered to give Joe one anyway.  Joe’s got that sort of face, things like that are always happening to him.♥  More blog followers, hooray!


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