Things I love Thursday – vaginas!

Lilies on our patio table. Once we’ve painted the walls it will be a little haven!

Hi pop pickers!

How’s your week going? Good/bad/indifferent?  If you’re not feeling so rosy start writing some things you love about your life, even if you feel like an inane and uncool fool for doing it, as I sometimes do.  Even if you feel there’s not much to love about your life at the moment, because guaranteed there are some things it’s got going for it, and guaranteed you’ve got a whole lot more than a lot of people.  And because it will make you feel better!  And don’t keep starting sentences with ‘and’, whatever you do!

Here are some bonitas cosas from my life lately:

♥ fun girl hen nights talking about loving our vaginas.  Vaginas vaginas vaginas! Why is that word still not unemotive, like penis or willy?!  Let’s keep saying it people, until it becomes as normal as it bloody well should be! ♥ new business cards arriving, hooray!  ♥ visits from my mum and her spending loads of time with Jamie; I think it’s important he get to know his grandparents well, all the more so as we don’t live in the same country ♥ new cushions, I love little details! ♥ discovering this cool cafe/bar, Baobab 10 minutes from our flat, with an extremely friendly barman who I’m hoping is also the owner ♥ Joe’s and my first date in 2 years!!!!  Definitely won’t be waiting the same amount of time for our next one ♥ caipirinhas, my new favourite cocktail.  Sooooo amazing and overtaking my mojito obsession ♥ summer planning ♥ watching Jamie fall asleep cuddling his daddy ♥ beach visits and swimming in the sea ♥

Wishing you a rosy and centred day! xx


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