What I believe….

rose garden5

rose garden 6

I believe:

♥ the world is a beautiful place, sometimes you just have to look really hard

♥ in trying to find the good in people and situations

♥ in the power of love

♥ in giving compliments and passing them on

♥ that you should always be true to yourself

♥ that your dreams are worth pursuing

♥ in the magic of travel and expanding your horizons

♥ that joy is an option

♥ that everyone has something to offer, a story to tell and a voice to be heard

♥ that trying to look on the bright side does not make you dumb, or intrinsically less intelligent and insightful than a cynic or someone who has given up on life

♥ that red wine and good coffee are two of life’s great pleasures

♥ in being grateful and counting your blessings even and especially when it seems really difficult to do

♥ that wearing rose-tinted spectacles doesn’t need an excuse

♥ that you are surrounded by guardian angels

♥ that kindness goes a long way

♥ in being the change you want to see

♥ that going beyond your comfort zone leads you to where you need to be

♥ in making conscious choices about what to buy and consume

♥ in supporting fellow artists and crafters

♥ in buying handmade

♥ that quality and attention to detail is more important that quantity

♥ in making art and creating every day

♥ in writing letters and sending cards (magical missives through the post)

♥ in fairies at the bottom of the garden

♥ that sometimes you’ve just gotta put on your cowboy boots and DANCE, girlfriend!!!!!


Anything else that you would add my cherubs?


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