Magnificent Monday!

chearsley patio

Hello dear chickpeas

How are things?  Still counting your blessings or feeling a bit worse for wear with the relentless heat?  We haven’t got air con in our new flat, which in a way is good-I’m forced to do everything much…more…slowly…which in turn enables me to pretend I am a calm and zen-like person.  One day I can envision myself being peaceful in a cottage in the country, pottering around barefoot with chickens and orange and lemon trees, gardening and doing yoga.  Ooooh  I love that thought!

Anyway, waffle waffle, ramble burble twitter twittering here you go lovelies here’s this week’s love list!

♥ solitary escapist cinema trips ♥ great sunny weather in the UK during our recent trip ♥ lounging in English gardens with family looking at rambling roses ♥ amazing dumplings and beanburgers Joe’s been making lately and trying out on me (well, if I really must….) from recipes from this cool website ♥ painting a patio wall turquoise ♥ torre de les aigues, perfect for baby swimming in the centre of  Barcelona ♥ new purple pen.  Stationery is such a joy! ♥ finding cool campsite in France for this August, who would’ve thought goats, children’s playgrounds and paddling pools would’ve been on my criteria list of ideal campsites?  Not me 2 years ago, ha! ♥ Portlandia-entertaining nonsense! ♥ Jamie ‘swimming’ ♥ new orange plant pot that looks lovely against the turquoise wall ♥ woman letting me go ahead of her in supermarket queue ♥ bat watching ♥ vintage lace top surprise present from my mother-in-law ♥  chilled white rioja on the patio ♥ white orchids.  How sophisticated one is becoming of late…

What’s on your list this week?  The photo is of a pot of flowers in my parents’ house backyard in Chearsley, by the way.  I took so many photos of flowers and cottages and the bucolic English countryside while I was there last week on our 10 day trip home.  Beautiful in such a different way to here in Barcelona.

Wishing you a cool and sane remainder of Monday xx


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