Things I love Tuesday


Hello gorgeous people of the blog world.  I’m dedicating this post to my friend Michelle, who is going through a tough time at the moment, and is basically stunning her friends with what an amazingly strong and positive person she is.

Here’s my week’s list of love and appreciation:

♥ The sound of cicadas as we’re dropping off to sleep with the windows open. That would never have happened in our old flat in Raval, let me tell you! ♥ our balcony with its (mostly) thriving and blooming plants – so nice to look out the living window on to a sea of green ♥ the trees in front of our apartment all in blossom ♥ moon watching with Jamie ♥ stopping breast feeding at night – it’s been only 3 nights but I feel a lot saner already, well done me and Jamie! ♥ long chats to friends on the phone, Michelle I’m looking at you girlfriend! ♥ logo designing-not lucrative but a learning curve and another string to my bow ♥ This Rosy Life being nominated for the sunshine blog award, thank you Jill, a post on it on its way ♥ Jamie  dancing ♥ fun weddings in ridiculously beautiful hotel roof top terraces. Lounging about on sofas by the pool, wine and special vegetarian tapas in my hand?  Oh well I guess…Thanks Fats and Dave! ♥ art journalling-so fun and relaxing ♥ secret parcels arriving in the post and Joe squirreling them away until my birthday in 2 days – I am so seriously lucky to have such a lovely man as my husband ♥

Hoping this finds you healthy, happy and in good spirits, and if not, embracing the journey anyway…

Big rosy love to you!


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