Marvellous Monday!

wave dusk

Greetings dear sugar plums!

I love twilight, there’s something magical and beautiful about it, the same as dawn as well.  Maybe something to do with the cuspishness of it?  Now there’s a great word for you! I took this photo on my birthday last week, on the beach in Barcelona.  I love the way the sun is glinting off the hotel.

Here’s this weeks list d’amour:

♥ listening to the chinking of neighbours’ glasses and cutlery whilst they had dinner on their balcony, it puts me in holiday mode to hear (in a subdued manner let me add) people eating outdoors ♥ cava on the beach at sunset-bliss! ♥ haloumi and lettuce wraps ♥ amazing carrot birthday cake, made by the amazing Joe ♥ birthday pancakes, ditto ♥ Jamie sleeping better (please please let it last!) ♥ repotting our plants ♥ painting the plant pots pretty colours (photos soon of the patio, very excited about how it’s coming along!) ♥ watermelon and strawberries ♥ Joe finding a pile of vintage Vogue magazines on the street and lugging them home in this heat for me ♥ homemade parsley pesto ♥ a gazillion great birthday presents, the best one being a cool brown vintage leather hand bag. Finally!  A grown up at last!

Hope you’re having a rosy summer!



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