Things I love Thursday

rainbow over the buildings on our street

Hello dear rosy people!

Much of Barcelona comes to a standstill in August, and we’ve done the same to a certain extent – I thought it only fair to fit in and follow the crowd…ha ha! I’ve really enjoyed not being near a computer and out of the everyday norm, and feeling in complete holiday mode – beaching, swimming, zoo-ing, birthday partying, and now just back from camping in France.  Oh I do love summer!

But I’ve missed writing my wee lists of love, so here we are again for this week:

♥ near non-stop pool-side and beach novel reading, thanks Joe’s parents! ♥ catching fleeting sight of rainbows ♥ watching shooting stars from our camping spot – probably only my second ever shooting star sighting, what a treat! ♥ trampoline jumping with Jamie and Joe ♥ speaking French ♥ croissants and hot chocolate ♥ watching the almost full moon rise over the ocean ♥ driving through mountains and beautiful scenery ♥ only having to drive 2 hours and being in a different country!  ♥ bike rides in idyllic French countryside at sunset ♥ shell collecting ♥ Joe getting his beloved moules-frites ♥

I hope you’re enjoying the summer, and making the most of what’s left of it.  Having just said how much I love this season, I’m also looking forward to routines starting again, cooler weather, cosy duvets and the back-to-school feeling!

Sending you rosy wishes, love and appreciation for what you’ve got right now in this moment,

Jenny xx


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