39 things to do when I’m 39



It was my 39th birthday last month (gasp! how did that happen?), and in the keen spirit of list-making that I seem to have tireless enthusiasm for, I shall present to you here a (very random) list of some things I would like to achieve this year.

I think I’m more likely to get them done if I hold myself accountable by writing them here on my blog!  I do love lists and goals, things to get done and ticked off.  Although sometimes I have to rein myself in and take the pressure off myself.  I need to rememeber these are just ideas, my world isn’t going to fall apart if I don’t get such and such accomplished by such and such a date.  As with everything, it’s about finding balance…. Balance between drifting along aimlessly seeing where the clouds and my mood take me, (a thought I must say I quite like) and being in thrall to a strict to-do list with no room for flexibility or being able to accomodate things that life may throw up unexpectedly.

So I plan to print this list out and put it in my boudoir/creative room, and see how many I manage to do!

1.  Read this book about embracing your Imperfection.

2.  Meditate.  Why do I find this so hard?????

3.  Send card samples off to various brands and designers.  Paperchase didn’t want me but I’m not going to let that stop me!

4.  Have another exhibition of my collages and cards.

5.  Make paper beads.

6.  Make something papier mache.

7.  Write a letter.

8.  Make a moon calendar for 2014.

9.  Go to the Arabic baths.

10.  Go and see Zoë in Germany.

11.  Own a decent bag.

12.  Write my personal mission statement.

13.  Cook Joe something.

14.  Make decoupage houses.

15.  List something pif on Etsy.  (Pay it forward, ie for FREE!!!)

16.  Bake a cake, probably carrot.

17.  Watch the Great Gatsby.

18.  Read a Spanish novel.

19.  Read Ghosts of Spain book.  I’ve been meaning to do this for about 7 years.

20.  Read 39 books.

21.  Go back to doing yoga at least once a week.  I love yoga but for some reason go through really weird phases with it.

22.  Read To Die For book about the fashion industry.  I have a feeling I won’t be going to Primark ever again.

23.  Drink green tea regularly.

24.  Go on a date with Joe.  Since Jamie was born we’ve been out on our own together precisely 2 times.

25.  Get pregnant!  (ha ha, love how that one comes after the date with Joe item!)

26.  Tweek photos and listings in my Etsy shop.

27.  Make a proper business plan.

28.  Go to Bangkok cafe Thai restaurant.  I’ve been dying to go there for years, and now it’s literally 5 mins away from us.

29.  Start keeping accurate accounts for my business.

30.  Assign times and days to do things and WRITE THEM ON MY CALENDAR!

31.  Continue writing gratitude journal and blog posts.

32.  Upgrade my blog so it’s prettier and more personal.

33.  Make the e-books and posters I have in my head.

34.  Create a 100th birthday card.

35.  Go through Kelly Rae Roberts’ blog for inspiration on art and home and basically everything.

36.  Limit time I spend on the internet and in front of my computer at night.

37.  Go to bed at 9.30pm on week nights, ready to be bright and breezy early the next day.

38.  Don’t drink alcohol on weeknights except for special occasions.

39.  Make Jamie a collage of his name, spelt out with things like pencils, coins, paperclips.  I really can’t remember where I saw this, but it looked great!


6 thoughts on “39 things to do when I’m 39

    1. I know, that’s why some are verrrry easy, like going to a restaurant and getting a new bag! I love your items too, am going to compile a bucket list too, with more travelling goals I think. Not as easy with a little one in tow…

      1. Here’s my list so far (it’s short): 1) Do more (or some) baking. 2) Move my body more. 3) Set better boundaries around online consumption.

        Need to build on this … thanks for kicking me off! 🙂

      2. ooh i like them! move your body and internet boundaries, v sensible and wise. You know about SMART targets? I find them really helpful in getting super clear and specific on what you want to achieve. ie ‘better boundaries’ is too wooly and non-exact, you need to say no internet after 9pm or check email only twice a day for ex
        looking forward to hearing more!! x

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