35/52 Jamie swinging

jamie swinging

I love the little tongue sticking out in glee!

For the rest of the year I might try and improve my photography a wee bit.  I know the point of this project is to document Jamie as he grows, changes and develops every week for a year, which I’ve more or less achieved – but it wouldn´t hurt if the photos were a bit less snapshotty and a touch more arty.  N’est-ce pas?

Hope you´re all ready to embrace the next season!  September today and Joe´s back at work tomorrow, ai ai ai!  I’ve had it easy for the 9 weeks or however long he´s been off.  Back to being a full-time carer of a 2 year old, wish me suerte!

Linking in as always with the mamas and papas at Che and Fidel

Love Jenny xx


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