Wonderful Wednesday, Grease lightning!


Hello friendly friends

I’m feeling inspired and happy today, despite being tired.  A combination of meeting new people, communicating and being social but also having time alone to create, physical exercise and even seeing a bit of nature, and Jamie being in the sweetest happiest mood.  He’s such a delight to be with when he’s like that.  Oh and I also had another Etsy card order, yay!

I know I’ve already made a couple of Grease cards, but I really love Grease. It puts me in an excellent mood just thinking about it!  I made this collage thinking I would turn it into a graduation card, which I might still do, although that might limit its potential sellability.  Is that a word?  We’ll see, it’s kind of niche anyway, I’m not expecting massive popularity!!!

So here’s this week’s list of love:

♥ Connecting with inspiring people and making new friends. ♥ Catching up with Connie (sounds like the name of a film! ♥ Ciutadella park early on a weekday morning, so pretty and smells divine.  Plus hardly any people! ♥ Potential nursery for Jamie-life changing! ♥ Washi tape gifts. ♥  Patio plant gifts.  ♥ Feeling inspired and creative. ♥ Making new collages. ♥ Friendly parents at the playground. ♥ Joe and his thoughtful ways – waking up to breakfast laid out and the washing up done. ♥ Planning trips away and days off this term.  Now that summer’s kind of over a girl needs something to look forward to! ♥ Etsy orders. ♥ An old friend asking out of the blue if I´d like her to send me some vintage flower wallpaper samples she had left over.  So thoughtful again! ♥ Finding a penny ♥ Re-organising my studio and deciding to get a sofa.  We will then be a three sofa family!!!  I love the idea of our apartment having three cosy comfy rooms with sofas for lounging and dreaming and reading on.  How perfectly decadent!  I’m basically living in my dream home! Yay!

Sending you inspiration and joy my lovebugs,

Jenny xx


One thought on “Wonderful Wednesday, Grease lightning!

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing “Grease” on the big screen for the first time this summer. Such a fun movie, and people in the audience dressed up like greasers. 🙂 Love your Grease card!

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