Wonderful Wednesday

joy 2

Hellooooo joyous jellbeans of love

How are you today?  The grey and coldish weather in Barcelona and the New moon on the 5th of September have been making me feel super organised!

I’m wanting to re-vamp and re-order and clear out the clutter to make way for GREAT NEW THINGS!  Nature abhors a vaccuum and all that, but you can’t bring in the new until there is space for it, so that’s what I’ve been doing, clearing space. Making my studio tidier and the storage more user-friendly.  Planners have gone up on the wall.  Post-its have been bought.  Lists have been made. Thoughts are occuring AS WE SPEAK of how I can snazzy up my blog and get my business ON TRACK!  Hells yeah!

I’m so excited I’m overdosing on capital letters.  Jamie starting nursery and today being a holiday in Cataluña has given me time to daydream and get excited…

Anyway onwards and upwards to this week’s list of love and gratitude.  Yay! for:

♥ Time, time, precious time ♥ Jamie’s lovely nursery right around the corner from us ♥ starting to find my voice (at last!  There you are my precious) ♥ the word precious, so pretty, just like preciosa in Spanish! ♥ feeling organised ♥ serendipity ♥ Gala Darling ♥ Blogcast FM ♥ Mayi Carles, just discovered her blog and her vlogging and she really is the bees knees! ♥ walking in the woods in the rain, that pine tree smell is amazing!!! ♥ Jamie and his insanely cute yellow raincoat and wellies ♥ solitary coffee dates in the morning with a book, I’m getting my old self back people!!!!. ♥ Joe finding interesting on-line film course ♥ Catching up with the always gorgeous Michelle and sparkly-eyed Ellie in my favourite cafe terrace. ♥ cheeky midweek gin and tonics…

What’s on your list this week lovebugs?

Sending you big rosy love and hugs

Jenny xx


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